Dr. Mary Tse Wai-yi (Chair, Division of Biblical Studies/ Chair, Dept. of Biblical Studies / Philip Teng Professor of Biblical Studies)
Dr. Mary Tse Wai-yi
  • B.Sc., University of Toronto, Canada, (1976)
  • Studies in Chinese Writing Technique, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, (1978-79)
  • M.A.R. (Biblical Studies), Westminster Theological Seminary, U.S.A., (1981)
  • Th.M. (Old Testament), Westminster Theological Seminary, U.S.A., (1989)
  • Ph.D. in Hermeneutics (Old Testament), Westminster Theological Seminary, U.S.A., (1998)
  • Audit Assistant (Internal Audit), Ontario Hospital Association,Canada, (1977-78)
  • Script Writer, Far East Broadcasting Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, (1981-87)
  • Editor, China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong, (1989-90)
  • Lecturer, Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong, (1990-93)
  • Lecturer, Singapore Bible College, Singapore, (1998-2000)
  • Alliance Bible Seminary, (2000-present)

Dr. Tse teaches Hermeneutics, Old Testament Introduction, Prophetical books, Wisdom Literature and so on. In 2005, she published her first commentary Ecclesiastes: A Contemplation on Life. In 2006, she edited and published the book From Loss to Gain: A Biblical Perspective. Her second book My Heartfelt Sharings was published in 2012. In 2014, she published her second commentary Commentary on Obadiah and Jonah.

著作﹕ 專刊與書籍
  1. 《俄巴底亞書,約拿書》,天道聖經註釋,香港:天道書樓,2014。
  2. 《我手寫我心》。香港:建道神學院,2012。
  3. 《傳道書:試看人生》。明道研經叢書。第九刷。香港:明道社,2017。
  4.   編著。《從聖經看由失到得》。第二版。香港:建道神學院,2010。