Rev. Dr. Fung Yiu-wing (Associate Academic Dean (Academic Affairs) /Doctor of Ministry (ITS) Program Director / Associate Professor of Biblical Studies                      )
Rev. Dr. Fung Yiu-wing
  • B. Th., Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong, (1981)
  • Th. M., Dallas Theological Seminary, U.S.A.,(1985)
  • Ph. D., The University of Sheffield, U. K.,(1999)
  • Alliance Bible Seminary, (1986-present)

Dr. Fung’s research interest is the hermeneutic principles of Old Testament Narrative. His doctoral thesis is about the interpretation of the characters in Joseph’s story in Genesis. Having great interest in the literariness of the Old Testament stories, he is now studying and writing about the lives of King David and Solomon. Began to serve in ABS in 1986, he mainly teaches subjects related to the Pentateuch and Old Testament historical books, and he occasionally teaches about the literariness of Jesus’ parables and its relationship with the law of Moses. He was consulting pastor of his mother church Chun Lei Christian Mission Heep Ying Church, Hong Kong. He is also one of the board members of Ming Dao Press, aiming at nurturing more love for God’s words among brothers and sisters in the churches.