About ABS
Objectives of the Seminary

Alliance Bible Seminary has been established to train young people to become servants of God by communicating the Word of God so as to become incarnate bridges between the message of the Gospel and the contemporary world. The form of theology may change from generation to generation, but the truth which theology has sought to expound abides forever. It is this truth which we at the Alliance Bible Seminary seek to preach, teach, and apply to the lives of people, so that they will repent and be saved.  Therefore, we at the Seminary hold the following principles of theological education to be essential.

1. Theological education must be Gospel-centered

The Gospel is the essence of the curriculum. We believe that in Jesus Christ God’s nature, purpose and activity are supremely revealed, that God is at work redemptively in the world, that all people everywhere are sinners in need of redemption, and that the study of theology is not for its own sake but is climaxed, not with a religious problem solved, but a doxology to God and a commitment to mission. These and others are the fundamentals which constitute the presuppositions of our curriculum. Thus, the central aim of the curriculum is to aid the students in understanding the Gospel, to deepen their commitment to the Word of God, and to encourage them to communicate the Gospel to others in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. A first requirement of those who would be the servants of the Gospel is a living, personal faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.


2.  Theological education must be biblical

The Bible is the Word of God. All doctrines must be judged based on the revelation of the Bible. It is essential, therefore, that the messengers of the Gospel have a thorough knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, be able to interpret them correctly, and be able to proclaim Christ to whom they bear witness. For this reason, the Bible occupies the central place in the curriculum of the Seminary.


3.  Theological education must be comprehensive

The theological education provided by Alliance Bible Seminary embraces all aspects of the students' life. Proper guidance will be given to students, from their daily devotion to their classroom learning. Theological education is more than lectures heard, books read, and assignments completed. It also includes corporate worship, private devotional life and interaction with faculty and fellow students. The Seminary, therefore, is concerned with a biblical education that addresses itself to the whole person in his physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects along with his Christian service. It is the goal of the Seminary to care for the students' holistic life and their future ministry.


4.   Theological education must possess academic excellence

A theological education demands an earnest, thoughtful, and disciplined approach to the Scriptures and the accumulated experiences and wisdom of the church. While we acknowledge the fact that theology is not an end in itself, it does require intellectual integrity and responsibility. Furthermore, it calls for an eagerness to seek out the truth and a willing submission to the discipline of study.


5. Theological education must be personal

The theological curriculum of ABS is directed toward people who will be servants who serve others. The Gospel is the manifestation of the redemptive love of God that is mainly to be proclaimed by man, therefore the relationships established between people are the key to having people know and accept God’s love. In fact, many people experience and get to know the love and forgiveness of God by observing and experiencing it through others. Thus, theological education must nurture students to be sensitive to the needs of others and be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.


6. Theological education must meet practical needs

Every seminary student must learn to relate the message of the Gospel closely to their daily life while proclaiming it. For this reason, supervised field experience in spreading the Gospel is not only an integral part of the theological education, but also a driving force for the students' personal growth.

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