Master of Divinity

Program Objective

This program offers opportunities for university or college graduates with a clear commitment to full-time, lifelong professional ministry to study the Bible and theology. Through an in-depth study of the Bible and its relationship with other theological disciplines, this program equips them to serve in the church and to face the challenges of contemporary pastoral ministry.  The curriculum is balanced by the threefold approach of academics, spirituality, and church practicum.


Program Design

  1. Students entering with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent are required to complete 122 credits.
  2. This full-time study program can be completed in 3 years.
  3. Students may choose to major in Intercultural Studies or opt not to take any major.  They may also opt to write a thesis.
  4. All students must register for courses according to the Seminary’s regulations, attend music & art practice, and complete field education and spiritual formation requirements.


Credit Requirements

Core                              31 courses            88 credits

Major/ Electives            8 courses              24 credits

Field Education                                         9 credits (need to pay tuition fee for 3 credits)

Music & Art Practice                                1 credit (free of charge)

Total                                                         122 credits



Core (88 credits)

[All courses are 3-credit unless stated otherwise.]


Biblical Studies

Year 1        OT532 Introduction to the Study of the Old Testament

                  NT532 Introduction to the Study of the New Testament

                   LA513 New Testament Greek I     

                   LA514 New Testament Greek II   

                   LA519 New Testament Exegesis

                    BS515 Hermeneutics

Year 2        LA541 Old Testament Hebrew I

                   LA542 Old Testament Hebrew II

                   LA549 Old Testament Exegesis

Year 3        BS522 Biblical Theology OR
                   NT501 New Testament Theology OR

                   OT501 Old Testament Theology


Theology/Church History/Chinese Cultural Studies

Year 1        TH510 Theological Research Method (1 credit)

                    CH504 Church History I: The Building and Continuity of the Early Church

                   CH505 Church History II: The Medieval Period, Pre- and Post-Reformation

                   CH506 Church History III: Modern Church and the History of Evangelicalism

Year 2        TH511 Systematic Theology I       

                   TH512 Systematic Theology II      

                   TH513 Systematic Theology III    

Year 3        CH526 History of Church in China         

                   TH505 Christian Ethics

                   TH582 Spirituality Theology: Theology and Practice


Practical Theology

Year 1        PT560 Identity Formation and Character Education

                   PT561 Christian Education and Teaching Ministry

                   PT512 Homiletics I

                   CO506 Basic Counseling Skills (2 credits)

Year 2        ME531 Introduction to Missiology

                    PT515 Homiletics II

                   PT558 Human Development and Transformative Discipleship

                   PT559 Pastoral Leadership and Church Development

Year 3        PT524 Pastoral Care and Counseling

                   PT503 Christian Worship (2 credits)

                   PT504 The Art of Evangelism (2 credits)


Major/Elective Courses (24 credits)


Major in Intercultural Studies

ME541 Missionary Anthropology

ME542 Evangelism, Church Planting and Church Growth

ME543 History of Christian Missions

ME544 Folk Religions

In addition to 12 credits of choice in other elective courses.


No Major

Students are free to take 24 credits of their choice in elective courses.


Writing Thesis

Complete a 6-credit graduation thesis (20,00 words in Chinese) plus 18 credits of choice in elective courses.



Field Education and Music & Art Practice (10 credits)

Year 1        GA515-1 Music & Art Practice (Year 1)

                   PT640A First Unit of Internship (Winter quarter)

                   PT640B First Unit of Internship (Spring quarter)

Year 2        PT640C First Unit of Internship (Fall quarter)

                   PT641A Second Unit of Internship (Winter quarter)

                   PT641B Second Unit of Internship (Spring quarter)

                   PT643A Summer Internship

Year 3        PT641C Second Unit of Internship (Fall quarter)



Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants must be born-again Christians, have been baptized, and be members of a local church for at least 2 years at the anticipated time of enrolment.
  2. Have a clear calling to a lifelong professional ministry, regardless of the affiliated church denomination.
  3. Demonstrate acceptable levels of spiritual maturity, appropriate giftedness, and ministry involvement in the church.  A recommendation from the affiliated church is needed.
  4. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
  5. Applicants need to attend the interview and sit for a written examination.


For application and enquiry,


tel: (852) 3657 4731


**This program is accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA). Period of Accreditation: 1994-2028.

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